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‚ÄčAdolescents look forward to the party advertising has created- truly believing it iwll fill their longing for personal happiness- but are disillusioned when the reality leaves them empty and cold.

Have you ever considered the influence pop culture has on your child? Sex sells, and believe it or not, your child is the target. Commercials shock viewers with beautiful bodies, bountiful breasts, and seductive music."Artists" bring us such popular tracks as "it's Gettin' Hot in Here" and others that work hard to break down any inhibitions that might still be lingering.

The World is Waiting for Your Child; Are You?

‚ÄčIs it any wonder children (and even many adults) are confused about sexuality? Misinformation permeates the airwaves, and sexual innuendo creates unrealistic fantasies about what sex "should" be.

You Do Make A Difference

 You are the most influential factor in your child's life. When teens are asked, "who holds the most influence in your life?", surprisingly, rock stars and athletes don't top the list. An overwhelming majority of teens answer, "My parents." 

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